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In spite of the great advances in inventory management in areas such as JIT, Flow Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, MRP/MRPII, ERP and Supply Chain Management, and now, Electronic Commerce, inventory investment management continues to be a major issue for many organizations. Installing the latest software and mouthing the most popular buzzwords is no guarantee of good inventory management. As with almost all Best Practices, it is the effective use of available tools by properly educated and trained people that creates the desired result.

This paper conceals how to set and keep up Aggregate Inventory Management for enhanced venture and tasks administration. It is a "large scale," top-down approach that supplements an organization's "miniaturized scale" SKU (part number) level administration strategies.
Definition, Goal and Objective
  • ·         Definition -- the APICS Dictionary defines Aggregate Inventory Management as "Establishing the overall levels of inventory desired and implementing controls to ensure that individual replenishment decisions achieve this goal."
  • ·         It includes:
  • ·         How to assess overall investment levels and set targets.
  • ·         How to identify inventory investment level "drivers" and help control them
  • ·         How to link aggregate inventory management "macro" strategy to "micro" controls and develop accountability
  • ·         Performance measurements
  • ·         Specific techniques, such as ABC analysis, control parameters, inventory buildup charts, and input-output control.
  • ·         Goal -- Helps manage assets and make money.

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